Customer Scenario – GMT Foundation Course

Company profile

INV is a marketing company with 35 users. The multi-vendor infrastructure is outdated, and the Managing Director would like to re-invest in a new solution for their office.

There is one IT Support Administrator who is an IT generalist.

The IT manager has requested a new solution which meets the following points:
  • Centralized location for all their files and data. They prefer an onsite solution; however, they use cloud services such as Office 365 and Salesforce.
  • They also need to enable their users to work from home using Microsoft Office tools and collaboration tools.
  • They don’t have any specific, dedicated workloads that they would like to run on the new solutions.
They want a solution that meets the following requirements too:
  • Secure
  • Simple setup
  • Simple day to day IT administration
  • Offers the possibility of remote management
  • Affordable