Customer scenario for Financial Services

Business Focus 

Main Street Group is a new player on the financial services market established 2 years ago.  It currently has 40 employees and hopes to double that in the next 2 years.  

It provides web-based analysis and reports, and financial advice to their customers. Demand for their services has increased in the last year and their current infrastructure cannot cope. 

Business Functions 

The key to their success is the high-quality digital experience that they provide with secure identity management through their website. 

  • Software development of web-based financial products
  • Finance analysis 
  • Customer and billing administration 
  • Compliance team 
Business Objectives 
  • Increase market share by simplifying web-based product development and implementation 
  • Reduce risk by ensuring highest levels of security and availability (and compliance) 
  • Improved employee experience with a robust and reliable infrastructure
IT Requirements 
  • The application the company uses requires greater up-time, high-availability configuration featuring Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct that can run the web server in high-availability mode 
  • Providing a workload-specific approach to product development and implementation 
  • Implement each product as a stand-alone package which can run in any cloud environment 
  • Implement high levels of availability 
  • Implement high levels of data and infrastructure security 
  • Keep the solution for 5+ years