Customer scenario for Manufacturing

Company profile

JJT is a company which manufactures and supplies marine electronic equipment to customers in the country. The company has 200 users (mostly office workers) and has expanded its operations.

The typical workloads include file sharing between project teams and working on different versions of documents. The total raw storage requirements are under 6TB.

They also want to implement a new order and supply management system. They have already purchased the software for this; but the current servers cannot cope.

They have some old Dell rack servers in a small rack in their server room and there is space for more rack servers.

They want an IT solution that:
  • Improves productivity
  • Provides maximum uptime
  • Enables employee collaboration through file sharing
  • Allows for data from current and new projects to be stored, shared and backed up
IT requirements:
  • The company tends to keep their IT equipment for five years
  • Management insights – firmware revisions, contract and licensing information, server fault information
  • Robust security features
  • Reduces daily management tasks of the IT Team