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Achieving Your Goals

To drive sales growth through the channel it is important to thoroughly engage a wide audience.  You need to show why your solutions help them achieve their success whilst developing their skills and knowledge.

At the heart of enablement program success is the ability to apply these skills straight away.


Technical Enablement

Customer Workshops

Featured Enablement

HPE SMB Get More Tour

The HPE Get More Tour is a program of interactive workshops designed to help you, our channel partners to grow with HPE.


Training modules delivered in 8 languages.

Live and online workshops.

Thousands of individuals enabled.

2 minute video featuring Maciek Szczesniak introducing the HPE Get More Tour

How We Support Your Success

Messaging: clearly and easily understood, reflecting the market needs addressed. 

Workshop development: interactive and engaging, with hands-on exercises and activities. 

Marketing and promotion: internal and external marketing and promotional materials. 

Expert delivery: leading the way in terms of impact, engagement and satisfaction scores. 

Learning portal: providing additional engagement and access to materials beyond the event. 

Program management: working with all stakeholders, the PM provides regular progress updates and full project reporting keeping everything on-track.  

Our partners ask for all training to now be delivered this way

These programs have become central to our Channel Enablement strategy