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Are you looking to increase your sales funnel, conversion rate and profitability?
Or are you aiming to improve the technical accuracy and efficiency of your Partners?
We can help to reduce the effort for day-to-day channel support and increase loyalty while building preferential relationships.
Contact us to find out how we can enhance your programs, highlighting your differentiation and freeing up time, and achieving your goals.

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Bold and Innovative

At Atrium we have a bold vision to drive innovation in enablement, constantly analysing and developing new and advanced ways to improve knowledge and skills.

We lead the way with engaging and interactive workshops that customers love.

Our team develop content and activities that precisely achieve your goals simply, clearly and without wasting time.

We provide a full service, unmatched in the industry, from needs analysis, content development and delivery to programme marketing and promotion – we support your goals, every step of the way.

    Our Customers’ Sucesses

    Technical Hands-on Experience

    Channel Enablement programs

    Video and on demand training

    Partnering for Success

    We are proud of our innovative approach that ensures your objectives are met. Our proven processes ensure you stay in control without having to be overly involved day to day. Above all we are easy to work with!

    We have a deep understanding of IT, our customers and channel partners. Atrium is a recognised leader with a track record of delivering highly successful projects, on time and within budget.

    Featured Enablement

    HPE SMB Get More Tour

    The HPE Get More Tour is a program of interactive workshops designed to help you, our channel partners to grow with HPE.


    • Launched in FY19 Q4 – Foundation module delivered as face-to-face workshops across 5 Geos.
    • Transitioned to live online workshops (Atrium Interactive) in March 2020. Expanded to cover 8 Geos in 5 languages.
    • Vertical workshops launched in FY20 Q4.
    • Hundreds of workshops delivered enabling thousands of individuals, supporting incremental growth.


    Each HPE Country or Geo creates a tailored program to suit the needs of their own Partner community.

    2 minute video featuring Maciek Szczesniak introducing the HPE Get More Tour

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