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Making the most of every customer interaction

Our sales enablement programs equip sellers with the knowledge and skills they need to engage effectively with buyers – driving revenues, sales cycle times and end-user satisfaction.

Our approach is data-driven, ensuring correlation between sales enablement activities and business impact.  We agree clear objectives before designing a program – such as improving customer engagement, sellers’ confidence with emerging topics or the ability to use specific sales tools. We measure the impact and refine and update the content, as well as tailor it for specific regions or sectors.

We ensure that sellers are armed with the resources and knowledge they need, so that they are prepared to make the most out of every interaction with a potential customer.

Impactful Workshops

Building on Initial Success

Optimized Duration


Our courses and events are optimized for industry leading results with the greatest business impact.

Frequent activities and interactions improve learning retention and build confidence, so you can be sure that the knowledge and skills can be applied immediately with improved deal conversion, velocity uplift and overall ROI.


We often start by focusing on the most important areas which have the biggest business impact. For example, there may be a lack of awareness for a particular solutions set – or lack of understanding about how to position against the competition.  So the initial focus may be on foundational level awareness and knowledge need by mainstream sellers to win new customers.

Once these foundations are built, successfully increasing the sales funnel and win rate, then in-depth or deep-dive session can delivered to expand upon the solution’s value.


We will suggest the optimal duration for sessions and course.

We strive to find the best balance between covering all the content to the right depth, maximising retention through activity and interaction and the need to have immediate impact.

Analysis and Reporting

We measure the effectiveness of the content, ensuring it is relevant and up-to-date.

We provide detailed reports on engagement, and attendance as well as the impact on the desired outcomes, such as improved skill, knowledge and confidence – leading to overall sales readiness.

Our partners ask for all training to now be delivered this way

These programs have become central to our Channel Enablement strategy